"A single stick,
you can easily break.

But when you bundle
a group of sticks together,
it cannot be broken."
a single stick you can easily break. but when you bundle a group of sticks together, it cannot be broken

Bundle + Bash

BUN•DLE /bəndl/ to gather together.

“Bundle” was our family motto growing up. It comes from a 90’s movie my dad made us watch on VHS as kids. In the movie, this sweet old man gives some advice to a girl who has run away from home. He explains as they are gathering fire wood, that as a single stick, you can easily break. However, when you bundle a group of sticks together, it cannot be broken. To this day, when anything is happening both good or bad, one word will show up in the family group text: BUNDLE. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, we all make it a priority to come together and tackle life as a team verses alone. We know that we are all better together, than we are apart.


In the same way, as a planner and coordinator, my job is to bring all your vendors, all your details, and all your family & friends – together – to make your day stronger. Just like you and your fiancé. Coming together in marriage to become stronger as couple than you are apart.


BASH /baSH/ to party.

The “cheers!” part. The celebrate-with-your-people part.

The let-your-hair-down-and-kick-your-heels-off part.

The ditch-the-tie-and-jacket part.

The I-can’t-believe-I-just-married-you part.

The beginning-of-forever part.

About Kaylyn

Hi! I'm Kaylyn, owner and planner behind Bundle and Bash. My passion for event planning and coordinating began years ago in college when I interned for a wedding coordination company in San Diego. Planning and organizing came naturally for me, and I quickly realized that this was my calling. Shortly after my internship ended, I launched into the event planning world! For almost a decade I worked in the event world at a university in Los Angeles and did everything from small and intimate events, to large and epic parties! I loved my job, but when it came down to it, wedding planning has always been where my heart is! And hence Bundle + Bash came to be. There really is something incredible about two people coming together to celebrate love and their commitment! Plus who doesn’t love a great party!


I have a radar for everything gold


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day


I talk to my mom everyday on the phone (even though she only lives 20 mins away)


My husband and I are not cat people, but have one we love named Marley (that I got from Craigslist for free without asking my husband. OOPS!)


Celebrating is a regular part of my life


I have an obsession with clean sheets. (If I could live in a hotel, I would!)


My record playing is currently spinning Marvin Gaye and all things from the 40's!


I dream about the perfect dinner party but I’m still learning how to cook


My friends, my faith, and my devoted family empower me to be all that I am


Our story begins back in high school when we were only sixteen.... yes believe it or not, that's us you see in the football jerseys! One of our first encounters was a fall afternoon at the end of the school day. I was on my way to a crosscountry team dinner and David was standing on the corner of a parking lot after a football practice, waiting for a ride. I noticed him standing around and spontaneously decided to invite him along to dinner. David hit it off with everyone and quickly made a lasting impression with my closest friend group. The night would have ended perfectly, had David not left his unwashed football gear inside my car for the evening. I am still forgiving him for that one...


Over the course of 10 years, we dabbled between friendship and dating. There are countless stories that have led to where we are, but the simplest one is this - patience and perseverance. Like a fine wine, proper time and patience was needed for our relationship. What would have been spoiled if opened too early, is now a fine elegance that displays the power and truth in waiting for something wonderful. We wouldn’t change our story for anything. I don’t doubt that we will be the old couple holding hands while walking at sun set and I’m discovering that there’s nothing better than being married to your best friend. From card games to burning dinner there’s no one I’d rather adventure through life with.

A Biddle Ranch Wedding designed by Edna Valley Wedding Coordinator Kaylyn Brower of Bundle and Bash Event Wedding Planning

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